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GChG. Panache Lady's Man

Ch. Mar-Rich's Chicks Dig It

Ch. Mina's Code Honor Fandango

Ch. Mar-Rich N Mina's Rumor Has It

Fandango Diamond Solotaire-S

Mar-Rich N Mina's Reba

Mina's Do It With Gusto

Mar-Rich's Give Me That Wink-L

Ch. Chinchar's Golden Lady

Ch. Show Me MacKenzies Raider

Ch. Show Me MacKenzie

Ch. Mina's State Fair Cream Puff

Chinchar's Beauty Spot

Ch. Dea's Tator Tot

Ch. Cottage Hill Hardtocomeby

Mar-Rich's Celebrity-L of Rojo

Ch. OPag's No Way Jose

OPag's Shar-Ring Chinook Bear

Ch. OPag's Pickin'N'Grinnin

Ch. Sha-Ring Shamu Bear OPag's

OPag's O'So Graceful

Luna Azul N OPag's Periwink-L

OPag's Trudy Star Bear

Fandango Calico 'O Mar-Rich-L

Fandango Rock My World-S

Ch. Neben's Solid Gold Solo

Hurd's Flutterby Dizzy Lizzy

Mar-Rich's I Feel Lucky-L

Ch. Mar-Rich N Mina's Rumor Has It

Mar-Rich's Give Me That Wink-L